1 Peter - The Making of Peter

Before looking at any of the epistles of Peter it is helpful to look at the man. Everything he experienced in the Gospels and the Acts comes shining through in his writings. So we’ll spend some time here reviewing his life and picking up lessons from the experiences of one of the greatest Apostles. All his triumphs and foibles are before us. Imagine having the highs and lows of your life perserved for future generations, millions, if not billions of people.

Questioning God

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been enjoying Bro. Luke’s Sunday School classes on “Prayer in the Psalms”. If you haven’t been able to attend, you can watch them on the ecclesia’s website. He has covered such topics as meditation, petition, thanksgiving, and praise and reflected on how we can incorporate these into our daily prayers. It got me thinking of another aspect of our prayers that Luke wasn’t able to cover and that is Psalms of lament. I called up Luke and we discussed it and he agreed it would be a nice compliment to the classes that he gave.

Hid Treasure

You might have heard about this story of hid treasure. It’s about a man named Forrest Fenn. NPR published a news story on March 13, 2016 that reads,

“Somewhere in the Rocky Mountains, there is a bronze chest filled with gold and precious gems. The search for this hidden treasure has become a hobby for some, an obsession for others, and for one recent searcher — a fatal pursuit.

The Day of the Assembly

If you are a Christadelphian, I am sure you have had one of those times where you have told an interested friend you attend a Christadelphian church. It is that word "church" that can make us pause as we say it. As Christadelphians we have been conditioned to use the Greek word "ecclesia" in place of the world "church". But it is hard to explain, so the word "church" is used as to not create confusion. That is understandable. In fact, some Christadelphians have taken that a step further and identify themselves as a "church" on their signage and online. I am not comfortable with that.